1.5. Epilogue

Structures of this type could be applicable at each of the levels in which we may be working, whether the general form, intermediate forms, forms coming from small structures reflexively re-introduced a determinate number of times, simple pre-planned general approaches, micro-structures… for that reason we should not prejudge or take for granted the procedures, because, with what we have seen so far, we can achieve a very wide range of results. Besides, the combinatory of tools (many of them not yet discussed) guarantees such a variability that it is possible to preserve what we may call a ‘personal style’ within the use of such procedures.

On the other hand, since the system is capable of reading all kinds of planes, no matter what mathematical or other procedure is used to generate images, lines, points etc., and which can be expressed on a plane. This system, then, can be read by the programmes and use the functions mentioned above, as well as others… some of which will be mentioned later on.